Welcome to the Foundation!​

Are You a Patient?

Do you have hypertension that is difficult to control? Do you have other symptoms of primary aldosteronism?

Have you had or are you experiencing difficulties with diagnosis and treatment?

Are You a Clinician?

Do some of your patients have hypertension or resistant hypertension?

How many of them have PA?

Are You a PA Expert?

Are you a researcher working on the pathogenesis, diagnosis or treatment of PA?

Do you provide specialized care to
patients with PA?

We are a patient initiative serving the primary aldosteronism community worldwide and are headquartered in the US state of Arizona. Like most patients with PA, our Co-Founders were diagnosed many years after developing the disease, and encountered a great deal of difficulties on the road to treatment. With input from other patients worldwide, they realized that primary aldosteronism was not the rare disease they were told they had, and that instead, primary aldosteronism was “under-diagnosed” and “under-treated” which, in turn, was limiting the chances to see research bring better understanding of and more effective ways to treat the disease. The Primary Aldosteronism Foundation was created to help address these issues with an inclusive model involving researchers, clinicians and patients.

It is critical to diagnose and treat patients early to prevent end-organ damage and other complications from hyperaldosteronism.

For this to happen:

  • Clinicians must be aware of the prevalence and symptoms of PA, and
  • Specialized care needs to be provided according to standards and guidelines.
Primary Aldosteronism Foundation infographic showing goal of supporting research, diagnosis, treatment, and patient involvement

Since PA affects a significant number of hypertensives, it is critical to generate the needed research to advance the disease’s understanding, diagnosis and treatment.

Patient collaboration and the sharing of information along the PA journey are equally essential to accelerate research and the provision of effective solutions.