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The Primary Aldosteronism Foundation maintains a list of selected videos. Topics range from the overview of hyperaldosteronism to blood pressure home monitoring and the DASH diet. We add new topics and videos as they become available. Videos can be searched by topic and keyword.

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Adrenal Causes of Hypertension

UCLA endocrine surgeon Masha Livhits, MD, presents a live-streaming webinar to discuss an overview of adrenal hormones and their role in causing high blood pressure, when adrenal hormone levels should be checked, and what are the treatment options.

Adrenal Gland Explained Clearly

This video from MedCram is an instructional video for medical students on the adrenal gland. It focuses on the adrenal cortex where aldosterone is produced. This video provides a great technical overview for those interested in learning more about this subject.

Advances in the Diagnosis of Primary Aldosteronism

This video is primarily intended for physicians responsible for diagnosing patients with primary aldosteronism. Endocrine Society guidelines recommend a multi-tiered approach with both screening and provocative confirmatory testing for the diagnosis of primary aldosteronism. In this webinar, the presenters discuss the updates to the Endocrine Society practice guidelines for the management of primary aldosteronism and present data from a large study assessing the diagnostic accuracy of different renin assays to predict primary aldosteronism in hypertensive patients.

All About the DASH Diet

In this video from ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Dr. Jennifer Ashton breaks down what to know about the widely popular DASH diet and answers some of the viewers’ most commonly asked questions about it.

Atrial Fibrillation: Improving Symptoms

In this video, Dr Sanjay Gupta discusses an interesting study which shows that rate control is as good as rhythm control in Afib for improving symptoms.

Development of AVS Support System for Primary Aldosteronism

Using a combination of diagnostic imaging technology and measurement technology for component analysis, the AVS support system enables faster and more accurate diagnostic capabilities. The ability to determine, on-the-spot from a localization diagnosis, where the problem is located in the adrenal vein will lead to less invasive treatments in the future.