Volunteer with Us

We need your help to achieve our Mission. The Primary Aldosteronism Foundation was recently created, and various segments of the organization are being developed. It is an exciting time to join and help us make a difference for the PA community worldwide. We are a remote organization, and all volunteer positions can be done from home at your convenience.

Whether you have been diagnosed recently, have experience with the disease’s diagnosis and treatment, or are a patient’s friend or family member, we welcome all volunteers interested in contributing their skills.

Volunteer positions most needed at this time include:

  • Communications
    • PR Campaigns
    • Social Media administration
    • Graphic design
    • Website administration
  • Fundraising
    • Hosting a fundraising event in your community
    • Raising funds on Social Media
  • Basic research to support
    • Grant applications
    • Business development
  • Data entry
  • Database administration

Please fill out the form below. Fields marked with a red asterisk are required. We will be in touch to schedule a time to talk with you.

Would you like to volunteer skills that are not a direct match with the positions currently open? We would love to hear from you too!

Thank you for your interest in working with us.

Make a Donation and Share Your Story

Would you like to help in other ways than volunteering?

Making a donation, particularly a small donation made every month, will contribute to the ongoing support we need to develop the long-term goals of the Foundation. Millions of individuals have primary aldosteronism worldwide. If they each contribute 1 dollar, together they can make a significant difference, and help advance the understanding and treatment of hyperaldosteronism.

Sharing your story is another important contribution you can make. One of our goals is to raise awareness on behalf of patients. To do so, we need your input to demonstrate that primary aldosteronism is not a rare disease, and that more needs to be done to diagnose and treat it.