Our Mission

Primary Aldosteronism Foundation Business Model

Primary aldosteronism is mistakenly considered a “rare” disease. Not only is it the most common cause of secondary hypertension, its prevalence is in fact so high that it is now believed to play a significant role in what is usually considered “essential hypertension.”

To help address these issues, the Primary Aldosteronism Foundation is committed to creating the paradigm shift that will lead to optimum diagnosis and treatment of the disease by raising awareness, fostering research, and providing support to patients and healthcare professionals worldwide.

To achieve our mission, we focus on areas at the intersection of research, diagnosis, treatment and patient-oriented solutions by:

Raising awareness:

  • In the general public, to reach out to potential patients;
  • In public health and medical communities, to provide the knowledge translation needed to effectively detect and treat the disease.

Fostering research:

  • To improve understanding of primary aldosteronism;
  • To find more effective ways to diagnose and treat the disease.

Encouraging early diagnosis and treatment:

  • To prevent patients from suffering end-organ damage and other complications of the disease;
  • To help address the issue at the public health level and further research, starting with the allocation of adequate funding.

Working with regional, national, and international healthcare organizations:

Being a central source of information for patients and healthcare professionals.

Providing advocacy:

  • To be a voice for patients;
  • To foster patient collaboration and the inclusion of patients’ experience in the research process.