Our Mission

The Primary Aldosteronism Foundation is committed to advancing standards of care for patients with hyperaldosteronism through proper diagnosis and treatment, actionable research, and inclusive collaboration.

To achieve its mission, the Foundation focuses on areas at the intersection of research, diagnosis, treatment, and patient-centered solutions.

An illustration showing how the various goals of the PA Foundation's mission relate to each other

In its catalyst role, the Foundation works with healthcare stakeholders and industry leaders to design and implement interventions to address unmet medical needs.

In its knowledge translation role, the Foundation supports:

  • The development of innovative ways (e.g., artificial intelligence-based models) to find undiagnosed patients, and
  • The anchoring of care standardization in communities of practice based on knowledge sharing and capacity building (e.g., exchange of surveillance data and clinical findings; access to ongoing clinical trials as groups and in preferential ways).

In its advocacy role, the Foundation acts as the voice of patients to promote:

  • Research funding proportional to the number of affected patients with the aim to fill the knowledge gap about excess aldosterone and its pathogenesis, and
  • Translation of this knowledge into diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.