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Successfully addressing issues with the magnitude of primary aldosteronism requires coordinated efforts across the entire healthcare system. Improving standards of care of a highly prevalent disease that disproportionately affects segments of a population requires public health interventions.

Graphic Illustrating Problem Dimensions for Addressing Primary Aldosteronism

If 95% of those affected are neither diagnosed nor treated, interventions are also needed to ensure the provision and insurance coverage of health services:

  • Payment structures must allow for all diagnostic and treatment procedures for all patients,
  • Barriers to diagnosis and treatment must be identified, and inclusive solutions implemented at the primary and specialized care levels,
  • Accurate screening must be undertaken on a large scale, and
  • Capacity must be increased at all medical centers to address unmet medical needs.

To design and implement the needed interventions, the Foundation leverages scientific power and collaborative work of a multi-stakeholders’ alliance.