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Renal Stones and PA

Patients with PA have a higher incidence rate of renal stones than the general population, and have larger and harder stones than essential hypertensives.

AVS in Patients with Contrast Allergy

Premedication with high dose dexamethasone to perform AVS is safe and accurate for diagnosing the source of aldosterone excess in patients with PA and allergy to iodine contrast media.

Confirmatory Tests Review and Meta-Analysis

Test conduct, interpretation and verification varied largely. Under most scenarios, testing resulted in an excess of missed cases. Certainty of evidence underlying each test was very low.

PA in Pregnancy

Fertile women with arterial hypertension should be screened for PA before pregnancy and, if necessary, subtyped to identify unilateral forms of PA.

Sedation on AVS without Corticotropin Stimulation

Midazolam and fentanyl can lead to a clinically significant reduction in cortisol concentration during unstimulated AVS, with lower selectivity indexes and fewer successful cannulations.

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