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Testing for Primary Aldosteronism and Mineralocorticoid Receptor Antagonist Use Among U.S. Veterans

The findings of this retrospective cohort study reinforce low adherence to guideline-recommended practices in smaller health systems, and underscore the urgent need for improved management of patients with treatment-resistant hypertension.

The Unrecognized Prevalence of Primary Aldosteronism

The prevalence of primary aldosteronism is high and largely unrecognized. There is a prevalent continuum of renin-independent aldosterone production that parallels the severity of hypertension.

Mineralocorticoid Receptor Blockers: Novel Selective Nonsteroidal Mineralocorticoid Receptor Antagonists

New non-steroidal MRBs could be a promising agent for the treatment of hypertension and cardiorenal, cerebral, and metabolic disorders.

Clinical characterization of patients with primary aldosteronism plus subclinical Cushing’s syndrome

Clinicians should suspect the presence of concurrent SCS in patients with PA when detecting an adrenal tumor (≥ 1 cm in diameter) on the CT scans.

Age‐ and Sex‐Specific Reference Ranges Are Needed for the Aldosterone/Renin Ratio

For those 20‐39 years old, aldosterone and the ARR are significantly higher in females despite a lower systolic and diastolic BP, highlighting the potential for false‐positive results.

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