Variability of Aldosterone Measurements During Adrenal Venous Sampling for Primary Aldosteronism


Variability of aldosterone concentrations has been described in patients with primary aldosteronism. Circulating aldosterone levels can reach nadirs conventionally considered incompatible with the primary aldosteronism diagnosis, and adrenal venous aldosterone concentrations exhibit acute variability that can confound AVS interpretation. A single venous aldosterone measurement lacks precision and reproducibility in primary aldosteronism.

Authors: Nicholas Yozamp, Gregory L Hundemer, Marwan Moussa, Johnathan Underhill, Tali Fudim, Barry Sacks, Anand Vaidya
Keywords: adrenal venous sampling, aldosterone, blood pressure, hypertension, primary aldosteronism
DOI Number: 10.1093/ajh/hpaa151      Publication Year: 2020

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