Panic Attacks in Hyperaldosteronism


Panic attacks and panic disorders are common in the general population. However, the presence of panic attacks associated with primary hyperaldosteronism has been rarely documented. We describe a patient with new-onset hyperaldosteronism secondary to adrenal adenoma who presented with recurrent panic attacks. The patient underwent adenoma resection, which was the definitive cure for the patient’s hyperaldosteronism and panic attacks. Clinicians should include hyperaldosteronism on the differential for medical etiologies of panic attacks. Further research is needed to elucidate the mechanistic relationship between primary hyperaldosteronism and panic attacks.

Authors: Tiffany Y. Lin, Rebecca M. Hedrick, Waguih William Ishak
Keywords: primary aldosteronism, panic attack, panic disorder, adrenal adenoma
DOI Number: not assigned      Publication Year: 2019

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