An Association of Chronic Hyperaldosteronism With Medullary Nephrocalcinosis


An association between chronic hyperaldosteronism and medullary nephrocalcinosis has rarely been made, with only a handful of cases described in literature. We describe five cases of hyperaldosteronism with a long- standing history in whom associated medullary nephrocalcinosis was established. We infer that a chronic hyperaldosteronic status, whether primary or secondary, is a causal factor in the etiopathogenesis of medullary nephrocalcinosis. This article illustrates and summarizes various postulated theories that support our proposed association between hyperaldosteronism and nephrocalcinosis. We conclude that chronic hyperaldosteronism should be included as one of the causes of nephrocalcinosis and that our case series emphasizes the need of a well-organized retrospective study to prove it further.

Authors: Kartik Mittal, Karan Anandpara, Amit K. Dey, Rajaram Sharma, Hemangini Thakkar, Priya Hira, Hemant Deshmukh
Keywords: hypercalciuria, nephrocalcinosis
DOI Number: 10.12659/PJR.894674      Publication Year: 2015

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