Aldosterone, Maternal Volume Status and Healthy Pregnancies: a Cycle of Differing Views


Women with preeclampsia may develop severe hypertension, modestly reduced glomerular filtration rate and significant oedema—at times resembling patients with acute glomerulonephritis—however, we no longer restrict sodium intake or prescribe prophylactic diuretics in preeclampsia. Now some are saying pour on the salt again! We once used diuretics to treat preeclampsia, but now, except for special circumstance, that is taboo. What should we do now? The answer is simple; go back to clinical settings and/or the laboratory and do more and well-designed research. The gravidas who keep the world in business are counting on us.

Authors: Marshall D. Lindheimer, Phyllis August
Keywords: aldosterone, aldosterone synthase, fetal outcome, preeclampsia, pregnancy
DOI Number: 10.1093/ndt/gfp093      Publication Year: 2009

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