A Method for Determination of Aldosterone Concentrations of Six Adrenal Venous Serum Samples During a Single LC/ESI-MS/MS Run Using a Sextet of Girard Reagents


The accurate quantification of aldosterone (ALD) in adrenal tributary venous serum/plasma collected by a super-selective adrenal venous sampling (ssAVS) technique has become a definitive procedure to identify the forms (laterality) of primary aldosteronism (PA) and the location of the affected segment(s), and to subsequently make the treatment decision. In this study, a stable isotope-dilution LC/ESI-MS/MS-based method was developed and validated for the determination of the ALD concentrations of the six ssAVS serum samples during a single run. A sextet of Girard reagents was used to convert ALD to the derivatives having different masses for each sample. Based on the validation tests, satisfactory specificity, precision and accuracy were observed and the matrix effect was found to be acceptable. The developed method was used for the analysis of the ssAVS serum samples from eight PA patients. The batch analysis of the six samples permitted the direct comparison of the ALD concentrations between the samples and enhanced to determine the laterality and location of the affected segment(s). The total analysis time after the sample purification was also reduced to 1/3 for the 24 samples by the sample-sextuplex procedure, which was also an advantage of the developed method.

Authors: Arisa Ohta, Wataru Hobo, Shoujiro Ogawa, Yuki Sugiura, Tetsuo Nishikawa, Koshiro Nishimoto, Shoichi Nishimoto-Kusunose, Tatsuya Higashi
Keywords: Girard hydrazone, sample-sextuplex method, single LC/ESI-MS/MS run, super-selective adrenal venous sampling
DOI Number: 10.1016/j.jpba.2021.114423      Publication Year: 2021

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