+31 24 361 94 43

Location: Nijmegen, Netherlands

Specialties: Hypertension, Vascular Medicine, Endocrinology, Nephrology

Areas of Practice: Dr. Deinum is head of the ESH Hypertension Excellence Center Radboud. He is also a member of the European Society of Hypertension, the European Council for cardiovascular research, and various national and international associations in the fields of hypertension, vascular medicine/biology, endocrinology, and nephrology. He is Co-founder of the ‘Internistisch Vasculair Genootschap’ and current president of the Dutch Society of Hypertension. His research interests include genetics of hypertension, genomic screens, genetic determinants of sodium transport in renal tubules, treatment strategies in primary hypertension, diagnostic strategies in secondary hypertension, in particular endocrine hypertension, and personalized medicine.

Affiliations: Radboud University Medical Center

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