Steroidogenic Activity in Unresected Adrenals Associated With Surgical Outcomes in Primary Aldosteronism


In patients with primary aldosteronism diagnosed with unilateral lesions through adrenal venous sampling, excess aldosterone occasionally persists after adrenalectomy. We investigated whether aldosterone values from unresected adrenals would be associated with postoperative outcomes. Overall, 102 primary aldosteronism patients, who underwent segmental adrenal venous sampling and unilateral adrenalectomy, were assessed for biochemical success (as outlined in the PASO [Primary Aldosteronism Surgical Outcomes] Study) at 1 year after surgery by using the saline infusion test. We divided patients into the biochemical complete or incomplete success group. Eighty-seven and 15 patients had complete and incomplete biochemical success, respectively. The biochemical incomplete group, compared with the biochemical complete group, had higher maximum aldosterone in tributary veins (11 000 versus 7030 pg/mL, P=0.006), maximum aldosterone/cortisol in tributary veins (18.05 versus 9.13, P<0.001), aldosterone in the central vein (9260 versus 5800 pg/mL, P=0.011), and aldosterone/cortisol in the central vein (13.67 versus 8.08, P<0.001) of the unresected adrenal gland. In logistic regression analyses, maximum aldosterone/cortisol in tributary veins had the highest area under the curve (0.780). Aldosterone/cortisol in the central vein had a nearly equivalent area under the curve (0.775). The lateralization index showed no significant differences between the groups. The clinical incomplete group similarly had higher aldosterone and aldosterone/cortisol in the unresected adrenal gland than did the clinical complete group. Therefore, steroidogenic activity in unresected adrenals (eg, absolute aldosterone value and aldosterone/cortisol) were associated with surgical outcomes. Our results may aid clinicians in determining the surgical application for primary aldosteronism.

Authors: Kazuki Nakai, Yuya Tsurutani, Kosuke Inoue, Seishi Matsui, Kohzoh Makita, Yuto Yamazaki, Hironobu Sasano, Noriko Makita, Masaomi Nangaku, Jun Saito, Masao Omura, Tetsuo Nishikawa
Keywords: steroidogenic activity, unresected adrenal, surgical outcome
DOI Number: 10.1161/HYPERTENSIONAHA.120.16335      Publication Year: 2021

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