Spironolactone Bodies: An Interesting Pathological Phenomenon in Adrenal Aldosteronomas


This is a case of a patient with Conn syndrome. We present a brief summary of his presentation, diagnostic work-up, operative management, and outcome. The association of spironolactone bodies (S bodies) with the use of spironolactone in patients with Conn syndrome is described. Furthermore, the incidence, pathophysiology, and histological characteristics of S bodies are reviewed. This case is educational as it provides a concise summary of the workup for adrenal aldosteronomas. Additionally, it highlights a rare and poorly understood pathological feature unique to this tumor type. Recognition of S bodies in a surgical specimen adds to diagnostic certainty and may avoid delay in pathological diagnosis or unnecessary investigations postoperatively.

Authors: Moore Edwina C., Nguyen Jane, Magi-Galluzzi Cristina, Siperstein Allan
Keywords: spironolactone, aldosteronomas
DOI Number: 10.1097/PCR.0000000000000347      Publication Year: 2020

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