Severe Hyperkalemia Following Adrenalectomy for Aldosteronoma: Prediction, Pathogenesis and Approach to Clinical Management - a Case Series


As the field of Primary Aldosteronism (PA) becomes ever expanded, diagnosis of PA is increasingly diagnosed by endocrinologists. With increased PA screening, many of the cases are now found in patients with complex co-morbidities in addition to their hypertension. Post adrenalectomy renal impairment with hyperkalemia is now increasingly seen in these complex patients, as evidenced by the numerous reports on this issue that have appeared within the past 3 years. We present a small case series to illustrate the breadth of the problem, along with a discussion about how such CKD/hyperkalemic events may be predicted.

Authors: A. Tahir, K. McLaughlin, G. Kline
Keywords: hyperkalemia, postoperative complications
DOI Number: 10.1186/s12902-016-0121-y      Publication Year: 2016

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