Primary Aldosteronism is a Public Health Issue: Challenges and Opportunities


A significant proportion of hypertension (potentially more than 5% in the general population) is due to primary aldosteronism (PA) which carries a worse prognosis when compared with blood pressure-matched essential hypertension. Effective targeted treatments are available which mitigate many of the cardiovascular complications of untreated PA. Despite this, the detection rate of PA in primary care is sub-optimal. In this review, we explore the challenges contributing to the under-diagnosis of PA in the community, including uncertainties regarding its actual prevalence. In order to detect PA early and offer targeted treatment before adverse cardiovascular consequences develop, routine screening for PA at the time of a diagnosis of hypertension would seem desirable. However, this is limited by a lack of studies to establish whether routine screening in primary care is cost-effective. Newer techniques are also being developed which could lessen the complexity of diagnosing PA. Most importantly, a dramatic increase in awareness of PA, as a treatable cause of hypertension, is needed amongst clinicians who manage hypertension.

Authors: Renata Libianto, Peter J. Fuller, Morag J. Young, Jun Yang
Keywords: aldosteronism, public health
DOI Number: 10.1038/s41371-020-0336-2      Publication Year: 2020

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