Heightened Cardiovascular Risk in Hypertension Associated With Renin‐Independent Aldosteronism Versus Renin‐Dependent Aldosteronism: A Collaborative Study


While both renin‐dependent and renin‐independent aldosterone secretion contribute to aldosteronism, their relative associations with cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk has not been investigated. A total of 2909 participants from the FOS (Framingham Offspring Study) with baseline, serum aldosterone concentration, and plasma renin concentration who attended the sixth examination cycle and were followed up until 2014 and who were free of CVD were included. We further recruited 2612 hypertensive participants from the CONPASS (Chongqing Primary Aldosteronism Study). Captopril challenge test was performed to confirm renin‐dependent or ‐independent aldosteronism in CONPASS. Among 1433 hypertensive subjects of FOS, when compared with those with serum aldosterone concentration <10 ng dL−1 (normal aldosterone), participants who had serum aldosterone concentration ≥10 ng dL−1 and plasma renin concentration ≤15 mIU L−1 (identified as renin‐independent aldosteronism) showed a higher risk of CVD (hazard ratio, 1.40 [95% CI, 1.08–1.82]), while those who had serum aldosterone concentration ≥10 ng dL−1 and plasma renin concentration >15 mIU L−1 (identified as renin‐dependent aldosteronism) showed an unchanged CVD risk. In CONPASS, renin‐independent aldosteronism carried a significantly higher risk of CVD than normal aldosterone (odds ratio, 2.57 [95% CI, 1.13–5.86]), while the CVD risk remained unchanged in renin‐dependent aldosteronism. Elevation of the urinary potassium‐to‐sodium excretion ratio, reflective of mineralocorticoid receptor activity, was only observed in participants with renin‐independent aldosteronism. Among patients with hypertension, renin‐independent aldosteronism is more closely associated with CVD risk than renin‐dependent aldosteronism.

Authors: Jinbo Hu, Hang Shen, Peiqi Huo, Jun Yang, Peter J Fuller, Kanran Wang, Yi Yang, Linqiang Ma, Qingfeng Cheng, Lilin Gong, Wenwen He, Ting Luo, Mei Mei, Yue Wang, Zhipeng Du, Rong Luo, Jun Cai, Qifu Li, Ying Song, Shumin Yang
Keywords: renin-dependent aldosteronism, renin-independent aldosteronism
DOI Number: 10.1161/JAHA.121.023082      Publication Year: 2021

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