Autonomous Cortisol Secretion Influences Psychopathological Symptoms in Patients With Primary Aldosteronism


Autonomous cortisol co-secretion (ACS) is a relevant phenotype of PA, which could contribute to depression and anxiety disorders. We performed testing for hypercortisolism and evaluated anxiety, depression and QoL by self-rating questionnaires in newly diagnosed PA patients of the German Conn´s Registry; 298 patients were reevaluated at follow-up. Improvement in depression and anxiety scores in response to treatment of PA is more pronounced in patients with ACS in contrast to no-ACS suggesting a role of ACS in the psychopathological symptoms of patients with PA. Furthermore, we observed significant differences in depression and anxiety scores between the sexes.

Authors: Pauline Gendreitzig, Heike E Künzel, Christian Adolf, Laura Handgriff, Lisa Müller, Finn Holler, Lisa Sturm, Daniel A Heinrich, Martin Reincke, Marcus Quinkler
Keywords: autonomous cortisol secretion, depression, anxiety, cortisol
DOI Number: 10.1210/clinem/dgab099      Publication Year: 2021

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