Severance Hospital

Endocrinology Department at Severance Hospital

Severance Hospital is one of the oldest and largest university hospitals in South Korea, and is part of the Yonsei University Health System. It has 2,437 beds and treats approximately 2,500,000 outpatients and 840,000 inpatients annually. The hospital is closely associated with the Endocrine Research Institute at the Yonsei University College of Medicine, which together with the hospital conducts continuing research for the characterization of Korean endocrine diseases and development of appropriate therapeutic methods. As a tertiary care center, the hospital offers the highest standards of care for patients with suspected or confirmed cases of primary aldosteronism and other adrenal disorders. To make an appointment, a patient should have a referral letter from their local clinic.

Offers AVS?     Yes


Offers Adrenalectomy?     Yes

+82 2 2228-1009

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