Do I need to be treated at a Center of Excellence for primary aldosteronism?

Our website lists some of the top medical centers in the world with experience treating primary aldosteronism. They all have an experienced team of endocrinologists, interventional radiologists, and endocrine surgeons. Because they routinely see dozens of patients with primary aldosteronism each year, they are more able to recognize and handle complex cases. These institutions have a higher success rate and a lower rate of complications than some centers with less experience. It may be impractical for you to be treated at one of these centers because of the travel distance or because your medical insurance or health care system will not cover the costs. When you select the medical facility where you will seek treatment, ask doctors about the number of patients with primary aldosteronism they treat each year, and their track record for success. You may be able to get a good referral in your area by doing a search through the Hormone Health Network, the website for patients sponsored by the Endocrine Society.

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