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Recent human studies found tissue sodium storage in patients with hyperaldosteronism that could be detected non-invasively by 23Na-MRI. Tissue sodium accumulation could be mobilized upon treatment of hyperaldosteronism. Besides, former animal studies applying chemical electrolyte analysis indicate that this aldosterone induced sodium storage might be accompanied by intracellular potassium loss. Whether such an intracellular tissue Potassium loss occurs in vivo in patients with hyperaldosteronism and if this deficiency can be corrected by treatment is unclear. The investigators will employ 39K-MR Imaging at 7Tesla to further assess this hypothesis.

Study Name: Tissue K+ in Primary Hyperaldosteronism
Status: Recruiting
Conditions: Primary aldosteronism, Electrolyte Disturbance
Interventions: Surgical Treatment of Hyperaldosteronism, Drug: Drug treatment of Hyperaldosteronism
Locations: Nephrology Department, University Hospital Erlangen, Erlangen, Bavaria, Germany; Radiology Department, University Hospital Erlangen, Erlangen, Bavaria, Germany
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