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Primary aldosteronism (PA), characterized by an inappropriate production of aldosterone, isfar more common than is usually perceived. The overall prevalence of PA is 11.2% of the newly diagnosed hypertensive patients and 4.8% was curable aldosterone producing adenoma (APA), and adrenalectomy is considered the treatment of choice for APA. The potential curability and prevention of excess cardiovascular damage and events also underscores the need to develop accurate strategies for the timely diagnosis of APA.This study aimed to determine the effects of endothelium function change ( PWV, progenitor cell,..) before and post-adrenalectomy or taking spironolactone in patients with aldosteronism. Autonomous elevated aldosterone will increase the glomerular filtration rate and renal damage in patients with primary aldosteronism (PA). But clinical evidence of the role of endothelium function on post-adrenalectomy or taking spironolactone is still limited.

Study Name: Postoperative Cardiovascular Index Change of Primary Aldosteronism
Status: Unknown
Conditions: Primary aldosteronism
Interventions: Other: with the clinical treatment (ex adrenalectomy or spironolactone)
Locations: unknown
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