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DESIGN NARRATIVE:The spectrum of the severity and the natural history of the disorder was characterized.Modifying environmental and genetic factors important in regulation of blood pressure weredetermined. Also, renal physiology was studied in GRA patients to determine how thesepatients escaped hypokalemia in spite of mineralocorticoid excess. There were four specificaims including: 1) to determine the natural history and prevalence of GRA in varioushypertensive populations, 2) to characterize the magnitude of effect imparted on bloodpressure by inheritance of GRA and the sources of variation in phenotype expression of thehypertension, 3) to investigate the renal and hormonal mechanisms regulating potassiumconservation and loss in GRA, and 4) to characterize the disequilibrium of GRA with Irish andScottish descent and specific alleles of the aldosterone synthase gene.The study completion date listed in this record was obtained from the “End Date” entered inthe Protocol Registration and Results System (PRS) record.

Study Name: Diagnosis/Pathophysiology of Glucocorticoid Remediable Aldosteronism Hypertension
Status: Completed
Conditions: CV Diseases, Hypertension, Heart Diseases
Interventions: Observational only
Locations: Unknown
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