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Hypertensive patients often show an exaggerated rise in blood pressure during exercise through overactivity of the exercise pressor reflex. An increasing body of evidence suggests a role for aldosterone in augmenting the exercise pressor reflex in hypertensive humans. We Hypothesize that this effect of aldosterone is mediated by its direct action on the central nervous system and that administration of mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists constitute an effective treatment for EPR overactivity in hypertension, independent of reductions in resting BP.

Study Name: The Role of Aldosterone on Augmented Exercise Pressor Reflex in Hypertension
Status: Recruiting
Conditions: Hypertension
Interventions: Drug: Eplerenone, Drug: Amlodipine, Procedure: Microneurography, Procedure: Rhythmic handgrip exercise|Procedure: Sustained hand grip|Procedure: Forearm blood flow, Procedure: Arm cycling exercise, Procedure: Cold Pressor test
Locations: UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, United States
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